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Single Female Lawyer fighting for her client, wearing sexy miniskirts and being self-reliant

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f-ckinclassy asked: Hi there, I'm from Switzerland and therefore I don't totally comprehend your whole edcuation system. What are the requirements you need for law school? Do you need a bachelor first? And as a female, do you sometimes feel disadvantaged compared to your male colleagues concering your job? sorry for such stupid questions!!

Generally speaking you need your BA/BS, an LSAT score, transcripts, applications for the law schools, resume, letters of recommendation, and payment of the application/LSAC fees. In the US, we sign up for LSAC, which is an internet service that will collect all the materials and send them to the schools you are applying to. (You cannot really opt out of signing up for LSAC) Schools will vary on what they want, but I would say that’s the general consensus. Some schools will invite you to apply and waive the application fee, and then you want to do your own research based on what school you want to attend. Generally speaking, I would look at schools based on location, scholarship, and ranking. 

I wouldn’t say that I have felt noticeably disadvantaged compared to my male colleagues, like I haven’t not gotten a job compared to a man. But I have definitely experienced sexism. I have heard a lot of inappropriate rape jokes, and when I’ve asked people to stop, I was informed that if I did that in practice that I would be shut out in my field. One time I secured a TRO (temporary restraining order) for a domestic violence victim and my supervising prosecutor said that she wasn’t a victim because she was sleeping with another guy (after repeatedly telling her boyfriend they were broken up), and he was really the victim here because she could have given him VD. He called her a slut and whore, etc. (Imagine not wanting to be with a guy who was beating the shit out of you!) That same supervisor repeatedly talked down to me. I’ve had clerks tell me that one time when I was sitting down and a judge was speaking to me, that the judge was staring down at my tits and I needed to wear shirts that came up to my neck. Apparently my tits disappear in turtlenecks. I’ve been told I should work on getting my MRS in my last year of school. I had a supervisor on my last day of an internship (a different one from before) tell me that I was really a horny little girl and we should have sex.  I was once in a discussion about sexism when, ironically, a male classmate who said sexism was much better now yelled and called me an arrogant bitch. I’ve had a male classmate who I barely knew first year joke in front of other colleagues that the flush on my cheeks looked like I just got fucked. And there several more things I could detail along these lines.

It’s more that despite law school becoming a institution where half the class is male and half is female, men still run the legal field, and that’s from school until you’re out in practice. And if you object to that sort of treatment, you can face severe penalties. For example, the supervisor who insulted the domestic violence victim, he told me that he knew I did excellent work when I went in front of a judge. That didn’t matter to him, all that mattered to him was that I agreed with him. Or the supervisors who said if I had complained about the rape jokes that I would be shut out: I was in an office of 8 attorneys and only one was female. I would go to lunch with them and one would joke about fucking women, taking me to a strip club, etc.  So it’s not so much being *noticeably* disadvantaged as being painfully aware that you are female and you are in a boy’s club and you are subject to what the boys want. I wouldn’t say sexism, racism, homophobia is always overt anymore. I mean, some of my examples aside, we had female attorneys from big firms come to talk to our school about having families and still putting in 90 hours and being passed up for partner. Female professors who come to school impeccably dressed and somebody will criticize their heels being too tall while male professors teach in shorts and crocs. ….You will be, at one point or another, hyperaware that you are a woman in this field. 

Hopefully this clears some things up, thanks!